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For this collection, Mother Earth invited us to a tropical island where we could heal our souls.

We walked on her ground barefoot so we could feel her powerful energy, love and beauty.


Our Wildflowers collection embraces this strong energy.  Dare to shine and feel it too.  Bury your toes in the sand or walk barefoot on the grass and become a Wildflower with us.


With this collection, you will feel your natural vibration go up.  Because we are all a child of nature.



- Aurélie -

Initially it was not the intention that we would take these 2 little ladies with us.  

I had the impression that our Renee has had it with the photo shoots and I certainly didn't want to push.

Until 2 weeks before the photo shoot I suddenly got the question: 'when are we going to do another photo shoot?' 

At such a moment I thank God (or Neeltje in this case) for the Charlie van Smospotten and Snoesjes. That's done in a jiffy! She could even bring a friend. 

And ow the fun they had!   The first pictures were a bit stiff but once they came loose, there was no stopping them.  We even saw tears when we said it was over! So here I am happy to overwhelm you with some of the photos! :)

A Charlie Top and a Charlie dress

Here I made the Agatha from Fibremood.  

'The work description has been drawn up for tricot fabric. But a woven fabric is also possible, if you add a blind zipper in the side seam.'  they say.  

I would like to add to that: measure everything first. Especially the measurements forearm / chest - waistband.  You have to make this larger because the fabric does not stretch.  

The waistband of my dress is too high and I can't close the zipper all the way to the top.  

But you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, I always say! So I'd like to give you my tuition fee that I paid so that if you want to make this dress too, you don't make the same mistake.  I also shortened the dress because I didn't have enough fabric. (preparation and planning is everything, but if you're not good at that like me, you have to be inventive! And I'm good at that. 🙃 )

This top is the Mariella Top from LMV in Papaya.  Still a favorite pattern of mine.  I like to wear it loose at the top with a plunging neckline, but our model prefers to wear it closed. Can do both perfectly! Also put together quickly. Top pattern!

This is the Arlette from Fibremood in Wildflowers Ecru.  

Here I also had to do some puzzling with the border, since this is drawn on the pattern in a curl and the border is therefore straight.


I traced the curl and pulled it until it was 'straightened'.  I taped the wrinkles flat and then traced the narrowing on the border and extended again.


Sometimes you just have to dare! Then you push your limits.

Don't get me wrong, I also doubted, and then thought again, put it aside again, doubted again,... it took a few nights.  But then I'll be super proud of myself if it went well!


As a 16-year-old unruly adolescent (sorry mama) I had a Chinese sign tattooed.  I don't need to tell you why I had a coverup tattoo there 2 years ago, and I'm so happy about it! 

The Phoebe top from LMV is therefore ideal because it shows off your shoulder blades beautifully.  

And in the summer, the wind under my armpits can be a double win!

A bra is indispensable for most women, I had a strapless bra underneath here, but just without bra would've been perfectly possible.  I've seen this hype more often lately and I'm a fan of free the titties

Or you can also just use a nipple cover if you feel more confident with it. 

Many thanks to:

Bellissemo Beauty for hair and make up

Paulien for the photos

Daria as a model

I think back to a fun day with very little stress! 

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