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After months of waiting and looking forward to it, our new collection 'Children of the Sun' is finally available for sale. It consists of 2 prints:  a floral print 'Garden' and a geometric print 'Shines in Lines'.
Careful planning and design, extensive sourcing and an amazing sewing team, have made this collection happen.

In order to inspire you even better, we've reached out to our Bohélie fans this time! We organized a major event where about 20 ladies were the first to get started with our new collection.

They sewed for young and older, for narrow and curvy, while using different Belgian sewing patterns! Support your locals! 

In December we finally organized our Bohélie event! Despite positive corona tests, quarantines and the fact that it was winter, we managed to set up a beautiful photo shoot for our new collection! 

I would like to thank everyone again who was present at the event for all your help and beautiful sewing! For your patience and flexibility, for your most beautiful smile! 

Unfortunately, we were unable to let all qualities go into production due to the large price increases and fluctuations in the market that the corona crisis entails.  But that doesn't stop me from showing you all the delicious creations that were made for this event.
Feel free to follow all Instagram accounts of the participants because it's worth it!
Then I would like to let you enjoy the photos and hope to  inspire you! 

Thanks to:
't Mooi Alternative in Houwaart - photo shoot location

The Secret of Ogimi - Decoration and Furniture
Lungoo Creative Blends - Staging

Emilie Bossens Photography - Photoshoot

We will start with the fabrics that went into production and will be available from the 22st of March:

Cream Garden Double gauze
Romina dress - LMV by Nathalie
Follow her on: 
By Emilie Bossens Photography_1111.jpg
Unfortunately, the girl for whom this beautiful dress was made could not be there so she was replaced by Renee. Luckily it fit like a glove!
Dusty Pink Garden - French Terry
Nelly dress - Smospotten en Snoesjes
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Brown lines - Double Gauze 
Rubert shirt from Fibremood
Henna - Double Gauze
Maurice pants from LMV
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Melon lines - French Terry
Ilze made the Odeline dress from Iris May
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0570.jpg
Yellow lines - Viscose
Mieke made the Suvi dress from LMV.  Lots of ruffles but so worth it! 
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0643.jpg
Yellow lines - Viscose
Eva made the Rosa bag from Ateljee Caro
Brown lines - Double Gauze
Walkynette by Katrienette
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By Emilie Bossens Photography8.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0719.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography13.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0916.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0959.jpg
Turquoise lines- Viscose
Here I made the Lavie dress from Jenzz diy fashion myself! A pattern that is perfect for this geometric print! 
Brown lines - Double Gauze
And Jenneke (from Jenzz diy Fashion) also made a Lavie dress for her daughter. 
You can follow her on:
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0035A.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0002.jpg
Evelien had to kick off during the event! She made 3 outfits: 2 for her daughters and 1 for herself. 

Dusty Pink Garden - Viscose
For herself: The Betsy skirt from Fibremood
(because it was not very clear in the picture I took an extra photo)

Brique - Double Gauze embroidered
For her daughter Alice the Poppy dress from Fibremood

Unfortunately, her other daughter couldn't be there due to corona struggles so this will be a surprise during next week! 
You can follow her on:

And then we would also like to present you the creations that were made whose fabric, to our great regret, did not go into production, but which are certainly a great source of inspiration:

By Emilie Bossens Photography_0764.jpg
Mabel of Fibremood (French Terry)
You can follow Valerie on:
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0644.jpg
Capri Top from LMV and the (hack on) Arlette skirt from Fibremood (double gauze)
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0008.jpg
Poppy dress from Fibermood (Double Gauze)
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0011.jpg
Alena dress (French Terry)
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0812.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_1152.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0726.jpg
3 x Alice sweater
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0024.jpg
Billie Zonen09 in a French Terry.
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0357.jpg
Lotus dress by Bel'étoile in double gauze
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0007.jpg
Theo shirt Zonen 09 and an Odelin by Iris May
(2x double gauze)
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0373.jpg
Thea blouse from Zonen 09 in a double gauze (can also be done in the viscose, which is available!)
Hettie Skirt from Fibremood in Double Gauze Henna
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0101.jpg
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0115.jpg
In this photo you can see the skirt a little less, but we couldn't post a photo without Nele's beautiful smile, so here it is! 
Nia Top from Bel'étoile in our Marrekech Tricot
Dolores skirt from LMV in Double Gauze
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0832.jpg
Copacabana skirt from LMV in Double Gauze (also possible in viscose, which is available!)
And the Mabel top in French Terry Ocher
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_1277.jpg
Belle dress from LMV in viscose
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0882.jpg
These 2 besties are wearing:
Nelly Top - Smog Spots and Sweets in a French Terry 
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_1056.jpg
Odeline by Iris May in double gauze
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0198.jpg
Crisa dress from Fibermood in double gauze
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Vita dress from Bel'étoile in double gauze
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0211.jpg
Billa dress from Fibremood in double gauze
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By Emilie Bossens Photography_0830.jpg
Lena dress from Wisj
Follow her on: yearlonghandmade/
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0467.jpg
cropped Maybelle blouse in double gauze
Nia Pants by Bel'étoile in Double gauze brique

And a polo from Zonen09 in French Terry

Follow her on:
This photo was not taken by the photographer but is so cute!! The dress in the front is the 
Hazel dress by Bel'étoile
We owe these beautiful creations to Nicole, follow her on:
By Emilie Bossens Photography_0033.jpg
And this photo is one of my favorites because it is sooo recognizable!!! 
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